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How to convert RFC4716 private keys to PEM private keys

We lately had a problem with some Java Software, not being able to connect to our git. We use a LambdaCD pipeline together with the lambdacd-git Plugin. JSch and jgit […]

Freifunk introduction in Oslo

In September 2017 I visited Oslo in Norway. I was invited by the Norwegian UNIX User Group to give an introduction to Freifunk. Starting with the history of Freifunk I gave […]

Use the API, Luke!

Im Freifunk-Radio zur Freifunk API

An jedem 2. Dienstag im Monat hat Freifunk Berlin die Möglichkeit, im UKW-Radio eine halbe Stunde auf collaboradio zusenden. Das wird über 2 Sender in Berlin (88,4 MHz) und Potsdam […]

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