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A great java developers conference

In 2019 I visited a devoxx conference for the very first time. DevoxxPL happens in the wonderful city of Kraków. The conference venue, Kraków Congress Centre ICE is close to the city center, so you can enjoy both, the conference and the city of Kraków.

More than 2500 participants have been to the conference. There were 5 rooms for talks and 2 rooms for hand-on workshop or lab sessions. Talks were organised in 9 tracks and brought a bright variety of topics to this conference. I learned a lot of new things, got a bunch of new ideas and other interesting stuff I definitely have to try.

Another reason why I visited devoxxPL was, that 2 of my talks got accepted. Both of the talks were inspired by things I do at my current job for idealo.

How to break an 18yo monolith

My first talk was about the “big thing” a lot of teams in my company are working on. We’ve got the unique chance to rebuild our product and make the software and services state-of-the-art.

The software was designed as a Swiss Army knife for our company needs. At the end we’ve got a big monolith that is hard to maintain. Over the last years we had several approaches to extract some parts to reduce complexity. But very central parts, business functionality and the data model were never touched. The approach is centralized with a single database.

talk description

I was really surprised about the huge interest in my topic. But there are probably a lot of companies having a big piece of legacy software in their portfolio. Here you can find the slides of my talk:

Building simple CRUD services with Spring Data REST

My second talk was about a framework called Spring Data REST we use in our projects at the moment. That helps us to focus on the project itself, instead of building a lot of code around.


that’s a lot of boilerplate. Using Spring Boot and Spring Data helps you reducing this boilerplate. You don’t need to care on database connections and queries anymore and use Spring Data repositories instead of query statements. The auditing feature helps to keep consistency.

talk description

These are the slides to this talk.

Feedback & questions for my devoxxPL talks

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact me.

By the way: on of the future voxxed event will be on Hawaii, a devoxx unconference.

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  1. I have watched your talk about “Spring Data REST” on youtube. It is useful to me!
    Could you please share the code in the slide?

    Thank you!

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