Overview: GSoC projects at freifunk.net

In 2016 we found 9 students doing Google Summer of Code projects for freifunk. This is an overview on all our projects including links to repositories and further information:

TitleStudentRepositoryProject information
A schema-based configuration system for OpenWrtNeoraider https://gitlab.com/neoraider/ece 
DynaPoint – A dynamic access point validator and creator for OpenWrtAsco https://github.com/thuehn/dynapoint 
Implementing Pop-RoutingGabrielhttps://github.com/gabri94/poproutinghttp://firenze.ninux.org/
Monitoring and quality assurance of open wifi networks: the client viewTarekhttps://git.nordwest.freifunk.net/ffnw-firmware/monitoring-drone  
netifd extension: external device handlersarkap  
OpenWrt – poWquty (poWer quality)Neez  https://github.com/neez34/
Provide a cryptographic implementation for Qaul.netspacecookie https://github.com/spacekookie/qaul.net https://spacekookie.de/gsoc2016/
Sharable Plugin System for qaul.net – Mesh Network Communication AppAnu https://github.com/anuvazhayil/qaul.nethttps://github.com/anuvazhayil 
SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatchermarn 




Blog posts on these projects you can find with the tag GSocC 2016. Use the RSS feed to receive all updates. You can also see our projects from previous summers.

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