Freifunk introduction in Oslo

In September 2017 I visited Oslo in Norway. I was invited by the Norwegian UNIX User Group to give an introduction to Freifunk. Starting with the history of Freifunk I gave an overview on Freifunk’s goals and vision. It was also a history about our devices and the software we use for that. Another topic was the social and political impact in Germany and the EU. I also talked about how Freifunk organizes with more than 400 local communities.

The reason why I was invited was that they try to revive their own community driven wifi network in Norway. There have been networks in the past, but those projects fell asleep over the time.

Slides and video of my talk

I uploaded my slides to

My talk was streamed to another hackspace in Stavanger and to a public Norwegian TV station. This station can be used by different groups to broadcast own content.

It was a really nice evening at Teknologihuset and I hope my talk will help establishing a new public, open and free wireless network.

Über Andreas Bräu

Software Developer Freifunker

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